Recent Edmonton Condominium Trends

The real estate industry in Edmonton had a great month in July 2013. The number of sales hit 499 units in this month, which is a steady rise from 477 last month, and a major spike from 412 in July 2012.

One of the most likely reasons for this is that Edmonton is experiencing a major growth in employment. With our unemployment levels being quite low, we’re experiencing a steady increase in migrant labourers. This, coupled with low vacancy rates in Edmonton, is excellent news for anyone looking to rent out their condominium.

BCM Homes has a number of properties available in some of Edmonton’s most desirable neighborhoods. A quick drive down Whyte Avenue shows the progress being made on Fuzion, a project that is ideal for singles and families alike, as well as those looking to rent their properties. For those looking for a more downtown urban feel, Live Maxx and Zen are two buildings that immerse you in the action. Station Pointe is our family-friendly development, in the heart of the Fort Road redevelopment project.

For more information on BCM Homes and our developments, we invite you to fill out the form on our contact page. We would love to hear from you!


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5 Reasons to Choose Light Gauge Steel and Concrete Construction

At BCM we are proud proponents of light-gauge steel (LGS) and concrete construction. It is classified as a green product and we truly believe that it is the most durable and sustainable option.


Below, we explore the benefits of LGS and concrete.

Less Prone to Water Damage

Another advantage of steel over wood is that steel is not porous. This means that water cannot penetrate it and cause damage. Because wood is porous, it is more susceptible to water damage, mold and damage that occurs in freeze/melt cycles.


While flexible, steel maintains its shape over time. Because the structure will not warp or twist, the homeowner will not have to deal with nail popping, drywall cracks, door/window jamming, or sagging roof lines. This eliminates costly repair work in the future.

Kinder to the Environment

Wood construction requires the clearing of mature forests. While trees will eventually grow back, it takes hundreds of years for them to do so. Steel construction aims to reduce this hit on the environment. To build a 2000 sq. ft. home, one acre of mature trees is required. Comparatively, to create a home of the same size using steel construction, we would use 5-6 recycled cars. Additionally, the amount of waste produced is drastically reduced in steel construction, because we are creating the beams using computer-aided, automatic production.

Uniformity of Building Material:

Wood is a naturally-occurring material. Therefore, it is susceptible to naturally-occurring flaws. It is hard to find wood beams that do not contain ridges, knots or cross-grains. These flaws can have a severe effect on the structural integrity of the material. Because steel is formed with the purpose of building in mind, we eliminate any issues that we would have with structural integrity.

Insect-Proof, Corrosion/Rust Resistant and Non-Combustible

A major advantage to steel and concrete construction over wood construction is that steel is termite-proof. Termites and ants are not only bothersome, but can cause severe (and costly) damage to the structure over time. Additionally, the steel is rust/corrosion resistant and non-combustible.

Station Pointe Village: Phases Announced

BCM is proudly welcoming itself to the Belvedere community with its latest development, Station Pointe Village. The first of its kind in over 30 years, Station Pointe Village is a community designed entirely for families.

This community is located in the heart of the Fort Road redevelopment project, and is currently in the pre-selling phase.

The project consists of multiple buildings with their own individual themes. The first phase of the building, with units currently for sale, is called “Landing.” This phase consists of two buildings near Fort Road, and is geared towards families and first-time home purchasers.  Phase 2 of the project, “Manor,” is also family-oriented and composed of residential dwellings in a townhouse style. The third phase of the development is a 16-story tower, called “Garden,” and is a seniors’ complex.

In addition to providing family-friendly dwellings, the Station Pointe Village community has something for everyone. The amenities building will be home to a co-op daycare center, and likely a banquet hall and workout area as well. Appealing to the family-friendly aspect of the community, an extensive playground is featured in the center, with a community garden nearby. To encourage sustainability for future generations, the community also features bicycle parking and is only one block away from the Belvedere LRT station.

The units at Station Pointe Village start at $199,900. There are many different layouts available, from one-bedroom suites to three-bedroom homes and everything in between. The project includes underground parking as well as 21,000 square feet of retail space. To thank you for choosing to be a member of this vibrant community, we are also offering free upgrades (counter tops, cabinetry, tile/carpet/laminate flooring) and one year of free Telus TV, internet and phone.

We are truly excited to be a part of the Fort Road redevelopment project, and we hope that you will be a part of it. For more information, stop by the Station Pointe Village show suite, located at 403 Belvedere Gate.



Fuzion on Whyte Nearing Completion

As you may have noticed, the Fuzion on Whyte project has made a lot of headway! Our commercial units will be ready for possession in August, and our residential units will be available in October.

We're proud to announce that we have released a number of new units for sale. To see which units are available and reserve yours today, visit the Fuzion website. Unfortunately, there isn't much time left to take advantage of the extra incentives being provided for the first 50 units. So if you're considering a Fuzion unit, call our sales line today at (780)441-1661.

Pre-Selling Units for Station Pointe

Fort Road Redevelopment
As spring approaches, we are getting closer and closer to breaking ground for the first building of Station Pointe Village.

We are so proud to have been selected by the City of Edmonton to participate in the Fort Road Redevelopment initiative, and we can't wait to unveil the first of five buildings planned for this development. With the planned community gardens, playgrounds, large amenity building, walking paths and commercial spaces, we know that this will quickly become one of Edmonton's most desired communities.

Floor Plans of All Sizes

To add to our excitement, units are now selling for the first building. Starting at $199,900, we have a number of different floor plans available. There's something for everybody, with 1, 2 and 3-bedroom layouts. We offer low condo fees, as well as secure underground parking.

Smart Buy Buyers Program

We understand that a down payment is a major investment. That's why we've rolled out our "Smart Buy Buyers Program." With a small deposit, we will work with you over several months to build up your total required deposit.To find out if you're eligible for this program, stop by our Show Suite, located at 403 Belvedere Way (1/2 block east of 66 st. on Fort Road.) The Show Suite is open Monday-Thursday from 3-7 PM and Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays from 12-5 PM.

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