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  • Third-Party Warranty Provider
  • BCM Homes has partnered with some of the best third-party warranty providers in the industry. You can take comfort in knowing your new home is covered for building warranty-related issues that may occur outside of the 1 year standard builders warranty. For more information, please visit the websites of our third-party warranty providers:

Quick Posessions

  • Move-in ready homes in the heart of the city
  • If you are looking to move in quickly, we have a number of units ready and available in our LiveMaxx development. Located in the trendy Oliver neighborhood, you’ll find yourself close to amenities, nightlife and style.

Better Resale

  • An investment you can be proud of
  • Our building system is designed for long-term strength and reliability at a low price point, so you get a higher return on your investment. We focus on building in desirable locations, such as the down-town core or areas that are transit-oriented. We also ensure that our developments are close to walking trails and parks, because part of Edmonton’s allure is its urban parkland.
  • We also create every Edmonton condo development with the future in mind. We create units that are easily renovated, so that your home or business will never look dated.

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